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HRA Members- Information.

Directors of the Heritage Railway Association

The 12 strong board represents the Heritage Railway Association bringing with them a wealth of knowledge and experience from previous backgrounds in all areas of the industry allowing them to make informed decisions to secure the sustainable future of the heritage railway movement.

Representing member's interests to the Government and other bodies is key aim as well as lobbying within Parliament as well as making sure as members conform to the Code of Practice. For members advice is available on wide range of topics as well as forums, meetings and seminars being organised in order for members to network and to provide a platform where views can be expressed vocally.

For the member, rewards are reaped for showing excellence for various aspects in the heritage movement from encouraging rewards that others have received whether it is the restoration of Vintage railway coach to the operation of a highly successful railway.

Our director’s profiles are available to view, please feel free to click the links to find out more about each person and what they have achieved through years of service.