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HRA Committees

The Association has a number of committees that deal with matters of detail and report to the board.


The committee is responsible for selecting the winners of the HRA Annual Awards. Nominations can be sent to the committee secretary during the year. The committee usually meets in November to determine the winners and the Awards are then presented at the HRA Annual General Meeting, usually held in early February.

Chairman: Mark Smith (email

Secretary: Vacant (email

Business Development

The committee explores commercial opportunities as well as acting as an intermediary where required so that members benefit by receiving a valuable service for the growth and future for the heritage rail movement.

Chairman: John Fuller (email

Secretary: Barbara Barnes (email


Encourage and advise members on the heritage aspects of their activities including establishing and maintaining rational collecting and interpretation policies

Chairman: Peter Ovenstone (email

Secretary: Alan Saunders (email

Heritage Tramways

Represents the interests of heritage tramway organisations.

Chairman: Geoffrey Claydon (email

Secretary: James Hammett (email

HRA Ireland

Represents the interests of heritage railway organisations in Ireland.

Chairman: Johnny Glendinning (email

Secretary: Brian Goodfellow (email

Legal & Parliamentary Affairs

Monitors legislation and developments of a legal nature as well as lobbying in parliament to protect the interests of members. We will also advise members of the potential impact of any changes to the law.

Chairman: Geoffrey Claydon (email

Secretary: Chris Austin (email

Member Services

Looks after membership for railways and heritage groups around the country as well as providing support through publications, consultations, publicity and advisors to provide detailed statistics of the movement.

Chairman: Steve Wood (email

Secretary: Andrew Goyns (email

Operating & Safety

The role of the committee is to advise members on all aspects of Railway Operation and Health & Safety. In particular this covers the implications of Health & Safety at Work, Railway Safety and Operating Legislation, as well as Railway Operating Rules & Procedures including operational Medical issues. Much of this work is in conjunction with other Committees.

The committee liaises with HMRI, Office of Rail Regulation (ORR), HSE, Rail Safety and Standards Board (RSSB) and Network-Rail.
We sit on the Railway Industry Advisory Committee (RIAC) of the ORR, and other pan-industry groups.

The output of this committee takes the form of Guidance Notes, Codes of Good Practice and Urgent Safety notices as well as
organising certain seminars.

Chairman: Bill Hillier (email
Secretary: John Baxter (email

Rail Mounted Cableways

This committee is a community focused committee rather than a functional focused committee.

It aims to promote the interests and well being of all members who are Rail Cableway undertakings.

Chairman: Bill Hillier (email
Secretary: Martin Slader (email


Represents the interests of heritage railway organisations in Scotland with particular reference to legislation and regulations from the Scottish Parliament and the Scottish Executive.

Chairman: Peter Ovenstone (email

Secretary: David Winpenny (email

Training & Education 

To promote all aspects of Training and Education within all member organisations the training committee has a responsibility to:

Flag up the importance of training in all aspects of railway & tramway preservation.

Liaise with member organisations to understand their training requirements.

Bring to the attention of members opportunities for training activities.

Assist in the production of generic training material that can be adapted for use by individual railways. (The requirement for such training records being a fundamental part of today's requirements)

Encourage inter-company transfer of skills.

Promote seminars and forums to encourage personal development.

Chairman: Chris Smyth (email
Secretary: Martin Smith (email