Officers and Advisers



HRA Officers and Advisers


Our standard method of contact is by e-mail. If you need to speak to someone urgently please make contact with our enquiry helpdesk 0800 756 5111 ext. 1 for further advice.


HRA Ireland:


Chairman: Johnny Glendinning,E-mail:


Vice Chairman: Clifton Flewitt, E-mail:


Secretary: Brian Goodfellow, E-mail:


HRA Archivist: Mark Sissons: E-mail:


Archiving Adviser: Dr Dudley Fowkes, E-mail:


ARPS Ltd Hon. Sec: Roger Price, E-mail:


Awards and Competitions:


Annual Awards: Mark Smith.  E-mail:


Carriage & Wagon: Chris Smyth. E-mail:


Publications: Clifford Jones, E-mail:


National Railway Heritage Awards: Clive Baker, E-mail:


Charities: Nigel Ward, E-mail:


Civil Engineering: John Buxton, E-mail:


Contact Helpdesk: Andrew Goyns & Roger Webster, Tel: 0800 756 5111 x1 E-mail:


Disabled Facilities: Via 1st Point of Contact


Education: Vacant


Employment: John Suggett: E-mail:


Environmental: Tony Tomkins, E-mail:


First Point of Contact: Andrew Goyns: E-Mail:




HRA Representatives:


Peter Ovenstone Tel: E-mail:


Steve Wood. E-mail:


European coordinator: Kees Wijnnobel, E-mail:


Fire Safety: Michael Tarran,.E-mail:


Forestry: Gordon Heddon, E-mail:


Heritage Railway News Editor: Barbara Barnes: E-mail:


Historical: Vacant


HRA Online Shop: Andrew Goyns, E-mail:


Internet: Andrew Goyns, E-mail:


InterRail : Mark & Sonia Dewell, E-mail:


Legal (UK and English Law): David Morgan. Email:


Legal (Scottish Law): Andrew Boyd, E-mail:


Loco Boilers: Contact Bill Hillier, E-mail:


Lottery Grants: Helen Ashby, E-mail:


Medical: Contact via Bill Hillier see under Railway Operating below


Meetings Secretary: Elizabeth Harland,. E-Mail:


Membership: Private Members: John Larke, E-mail


Corporate Members: Steve Wood E-mail


Museums: Rob Shorland-Ball, E-mail:


Overseas Liaison: Richard Tapper,.E-mail:


Press Officer, Roger Carey, E-mail:


Public Relations: Rupert Brennan Brown, E-mail:


Railway Heritage Register Carriage Survey/Carriage Restoration: Michael Cope, E-mail:


Railway Operating: Operating & Safety Committee via Bill Hillier E-mail:


Rating: Roger Wilkins, via 1st point of contact


Real Estate: Tom Carr,. E-mail:


Safety: Bill Hillier see Railway Operating above


Secretary-Awards  vacant, E-mail:


Secretary-Business Development Vacant, Email:


Secretary-Heritage Committee Vacant, E-mail:


Secretary-Heritage Tramways James Hammett, E-mail:


Secretary-Legal & Parliamentary Affairs Chris Austin, E-mail:


Secretary-Member Services Andrew Goyns, E-mail:


Secretary-Operating & Safety John Baxter, E-mail:


Secretary-Rail Mounted Cableways Martin Slader, E-mail:


Secretary-Scottish David Winpenny, E-mail:


Secretary-Training & Education Martin Smith, E-mail:


Specialist Adviser: Richard Gibbon, E-mail:


Swindon Historic Castings: Andrew Goyns (Company Secretary), see 1st Point of Contact. E-mail:


Taxation & VAT: Martin Bairstow: E-mail:


Technical Adviser Rail Mounted Cableways: Steve Roberts, E-mail:


Tramways: Michael Crabtree,  E-mail:


Young Volunteers: Liz Fuller, E-mail: