Volunteering for the Heritage Railway Association or its Members


HRA uses volunteers at all levels; we have no paid staff. We exist to provide a service to HRA Corporate members; so our volunteers organise events, serve on Committees and write documents.


You will not become an engine driver by volunteering for HRA but you will learn a lot about how the heritage railway movement works.


While relevant experience is valuable we also welcome 'new boys' whose view of the wider world enhances our sometimes blinkered perspective. Anyone with a good feel for social media would be particularly welcome.


To see how HRA works why not join as a Private Member and attend an event or two. When you have a feel for the organisation you should contact the Secretary of one of the Committees or alternatively contact our Administration Officer for further information. E-mail contact@hra.uk.com


You can also consider Volunteering on a heritage railway, They can use every skill known to the human hand. All railway's use skills in every department that you will find in the common workplace, but don't worry if you're not sure about the idea of doing your day job as a volunteer, there are plenty of other roles that you could participate in. A firm favourite is the chance of driving a steam locomotive with people making this dream become reality by working through the ranks to become a proud railway driver.


You can also work with people in many other departments that utilise other knowledge and skills like:


Engine Driver



Travelling Ticket Inspector

Station Staff

Booking Office Staff

Retail Staff


Permanent Way



And lots, lots more...


Don't forget, every railway has management groups that in most cases are steered by volunteers, without these the hobby would not be alive for all to enjoy.


As you can see from the pictures below there is wide range of roles to be undertaken, why not get in touch with your local railway to see how you could help...

Engine Cleaner


Volunteering need not be limited to our members. The Association also relies on volunteers to carry out most of its work. If you are interested and perhaps have some skills and/or time available to help us in our work then please contact our Administration Officer in the first instance on 0800 756 5111 x1 or e-mail: contact@hra.uk.com